Gender Stereotypes

Bernadette Pompeii

April 09, 2017

Burger King


This ad is stereotyping women. The stereotype is that women like to have male genitalia in their mouth. In the ad you will see a woman with a huge sandwich coming towards her mouth with the caption reading, “It’ll blow your mind away.” This is very sexist. It is obvious that the sandwich is representing male genitalia, and it is saying it will blow her mind. This is an ad for Burger King, representing that they have good deal on this sandwich. What was unnecessary that they put a woman on the ad with her mouth open.   You have to also think about the parents that have daughters. Maybe this women is a model and teenage girls know her. These girls are thinking, why does she have a sandwich going towards her mouth and why is her mouth open. Not to mention, at the bottom it reads, “Super Seven Incher.” The word and the ad refers to a blow job, which is very inappropriate. It is very obvious what this ad is referring to. There is no hiding the meaning of this poster, and maybe the author intended it to be that way.

According to Burger King, this ad was made my a franchise in Singapore and was only advertised there. This advertisement was only advertised for a short period of time. It was obviously made by a young man, considering it is sexist against women and that an older, more mature person would not have put such a vulgar image on a poster. I also believe this poster is portraying that women like this sexual act. She almost has a look of excitement on her face. This advertisement is very sexist and the person who made this obviously had the stereotype that women enjoy this sexual act.

Sanghani, R. (2014, August 07). ‘Burger King raped my face’, claims model on angry YouTube video. Retrieved April 06, 2017, from

Carl’s Jr


This ad is obviously a stereotype of women. They have a woman here in a swimming suit with a burger in her hand. Next to her there is the saying, “She’ll tell you size does’t matter. She’s lying.” This phrase has a double entendre, saying the size of the burger does matter, but also, obviously meaning that the size of a penis does matter. This is obviously because they have a girl in a bathing suit next to the burger with a car in the background. There is also a sub message in the bottom that reads, “It’s gonna get messy.” Not to mention, they are selling a cheeseburger. This entire ad is a sexual entendre and very sexist towards women.

Also, this advertisement is suggesting women think that size matters in burgers and penis size. I think this is extremely inappropriate because there is not any source of facts behind this poster, someone just thought that this statement might be true and created it.  Again with families, if this advertisement was on a billboard or in a subway station would you want your kids to see and read this? First, the woman is dressed in a very revealing swimming suit, and second the words on the advertisement is vulgar as well. Overall the advertisement is very sexist.

Nash, N. (1970, January 01). Having sex with a Superstar. Retrieved April 06, 2017, from



This particular advertisement is standing up for a stereotype. This ad is basically saying, can a man take being a nurse. The United States specifically, has a very sexist job market. Every job will say they are an equal opportunity employer, but that doesn’t mean it is as easy for women to get a job as it is for a man. This advertisement goes against the stereotype and its very refreshing. Nursing is a female dominant field and there are not many men in this field, since the ad going against the stereotype.

Normally, you see men on posters of sports advertisements, so it is very different to see an advertisement with men on it advertising a job in a female dominant field. It shows  these men’s hobbies, expressing that they are nurses but they are still very masculine. The poster is to represent that even though you are a nurse which is a fairly feminine job, that you can still be masculine. Being a nurse is a hard job. As the advertisement says, it takes intelligence, courage and skill. I think this advertisement gives a good vibe off to all who see it. Although the men look intimidating, it sends a positive message that anyone can do any job.

Bridges, T. (2013, June 10). “Are You Man Enough to Be a Nurse?” Campaign Posters. Retrieved April 06, 2017, from



This advertisement is interesting because she is stating that even though she cannot cook, since she has this bra, she will still find a man, or keep a man, or whatever the case may be. This ad is aimed towards women to say that you don’t need to know how to cook if you have a body or breasts like hers. Oddly enough this ad is aimed for women, because its a bra, and women buy their own bras, and the advertisement has huge breasts on it. You would think this ad was for a man. But this is boosting the confidence in women, telling them that they do not need to know how to cook, but it is also killing confidence because the ad is saying you need to have this type of body, but it is also saying this bra will give you this type of body. This advertisement reflects a stereotype but in a positive light. Although it is provocative, it is making a point that you don’t have to do what the stereotype of a woman is (cooking).

Along with not having to achieve the stereotype of a cooking housewife, it is saying you can be sexy with this bra and thats okay! This is something that is not commonly advertised in women. Not always does advertisements tell men that they do not have to have certain qualities, ads for men tell them they can do whatever they want. Finally, an ad for women can do that as well! This is an empowering message to women, but I feel like it would grab the attention of men as well. From what I understand, this ad was only shortly advertised and I can understand why. It is pretty out there in terms of the advertising techniques.

Bus, C. (n.d.). Adsarchive. Retrieved April 06, 2017, from



This advertisement is very stereotypical of men. The old saying, the man wears the pants in the family comes into play here. This old saying is ultimately saying that the man makes all the decisions in the family and he is the head honcho. This is a play on the word pants because this brand sells jeans. Even though, it is a man in the advertisement. They could have out a man and a woman in this ad and used the same slogan but they did not. This is implying that only men can be the head of household and, “wear the pants.” Because of this, the ad is being sexist towards women, saying they cannot wear the pants and that men are the only ones that can.

Even though this ad is advertising pants, it is still stereotypical of men. This ad was probably produced by a male. I would assume this because of the colors, the use of only a few words, and the advertisement placement of the man (only waist down). Although I think this ad is very appropriate for the product, I still find it to be offensive because of the double use of the words. This advertisement is also family friendly, which a lot of people appreciate. Most stereotypical man ads are not presentable for children because of the vulgarity. At least this ad is appropriate for the product being sold, even though it is sexist in the eyes of many.

Ayers, D. (2009, December 10). Man Up! Wear Dockers. Retrieved April 07, 2017, from


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